Salt's Sanctum

Site Version .005 - I forgot I had this I'll be honest

Welcome to the Sanctum!

This is my little personal site/blog that I plan to use as a place to post about my scattered hobbies and as a motivation to make content that you'll hopefully find interesting.

The top bar will take you to the various unfinished parts of the site, and the Marquee will give a link to the page detailing what's new in the latest updates. Please excuse that the site breaks sometimes, I'm bad at design.

This site is built for PC monitors, maybe a mobile version will get made one day, but that'll be after this version is finished.

So yeah, I was gone for a year. Did anyone even notice? Honestly I'm doubtful. Suffice to say I still don't have a fixed purpose for this site, but now there's a chance for me to update it again. The anime reviews have been ended for a while now, so don't be expecting more. The ones already there won't be removed, at least not for now.