Salt's Sanctum

Site Version .005 - I'll be honest I forgot this was here.

06/01/22 - V.005

Rediscovered this site, left it to rot until I came around to experimenting with HTML again. Planning to actually do things with it this time

05/11/21 - v.004

Gundam 08th MS review now up, and soon I'll be doing some non review content related to tabletop games and such.

04/30/21 - v.003-2

Some minor additions, and some teasing for future content. It's been a bit since I added anything here, Believe me I do intend to update regularly if I can

04/26/21 - v.003-1

Added more text to the front page and added some things to the link page. I don't know why the Misc Stuff box header is a link, Hopefully I can fix it later.

04/25/21 - v.003

Revised page layouts and removed left side update list.